• Applying for a Visa

    Applying for a visa is no simple task, it cab be very complicated. You need to make sure that you are using the correct form. The forms change from month to month so there is a real possibility that you may have used the wrong form.

    The visa application charges are also subject to change. If you pay the wrong fee, then you may have made an invalid application and you may not be granted a visa. The visa application charges are very high. If you apply for a visa and the application is refused, there is no refund of your visa application charge.

  • Bridging Visas

    If your visa express, one becomes an unlawful non-citizen. If you are an unlawful non-citizen, then the immigration department have no option but to remove you from Australia. The immigration department have no discretion in this matter. If you are unlawful, you must be removed.

  • Cancelled Visas

    If your visa has been cancelled, then once again, you need to appeal against this decision to the Migration Review Tribunal. You must appeal within the 28-35 day time period. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to appeal against this decision, and there will be a real chance that you will have to leave the country. Please make sure that you are seeking review within the prescribed period of days.

  • Federal Court

    If you have applied for a visa and it has been refused, you must first appeal to either the Migration Review Tribunal or the Refugee Review Tribunal. If one of these tribunals refuses your application, then you can appeal to the Federal Circuit Court. If you want to go to the Federal Circuit Court, then you must retain a Solicitor to represent you.

  • Migration Review Tribunal

    If you have applied for a visa and it has been refused, you generally have a right to have the decision reviewed by the Migration Review Tribunal.

    The first thing that you need to know is that you generally have between 28 days and 35 days in which to appeal to the Tribunal.

  • Ministerial Intervention

    If you applied to either the Migration Review Tribunal or for that matter the Refugee Review tribunal, and your application has been unsuccessful, then you can write to the Minister for Immigration and seek his intervention. In addition to this, you can also appeal to the Federal Circuit Court.

    Even though you have a right to seek Ministerial Intervention, it’s really a waste of time.

  • Protection Visas

    If you want to apply for a protection visa, then you need to show that you are the subject of political persecution. If for example you were the member of a political party and you were attacked because of your political views, then you can apply for a protection visa.

    What should be noted here is that the Immigration Department and the Refugee Review Tribunal will try to make you out to be a liar.

  • Student Visa

    If you want to apply for a student visa then essentially you need to approach an educational institution and obtain an offer of enrolment. Then you need to ensure that you have enough funds to live whilst you are studying in Australia. After that, you then need to apply for the student visa. If you have sufficient funds and an offer of enrolment, then you should be granted the visa.