If you applied to either the Migration Review Tribunal or for that matter the Refugee Review tribunal, and your application has been unsuccessful, then you can write to the Minister for Immigration and seek his intervention. In addition to this, you can also appeal to the Federal Circuit Court.

Even though you have a right to seek Ministerial Intervention, it’s really a waste of time.

The Minister for Immigration has instructed his staff on many occasions not to intervene. Furthermore, the Minister is required to act personally in these matters, yet the Minister never acts personally, rather, an officer in the department of immigration will make the decision as whether the Minister will or will not intervene. The Minister has a history of acting unlawfully in the course of deciding whether to intervene for not.

So please do not get your hopes up if you think that the Minister is going to intervene simply because your visa application has been refused. The Ministers response will be, ‘if the Migration Review Tribunal has refused your application, then why should I intervene?’